Gypsy Frog Records

Growing up in the 70's with very strong attractions towards some guys was a real struggle for me. Even today, "coming out" can be an emotional tug of war for an individual. But back in the 70's I looked for gay musical role models and found very, very, few. Hearing Arthur Lee of the group LOVE sing his heart out on "Singing Cowboy" (LP Four Sail) or reading in a Rolling Stones article that Brian Jones advocated "equal rights for homosexuals"--- these were rare affirmations for me. I decided I could help some kids who needed support in their personal journey. Already being a Rock'n'Roller, and wild as hell, I decided to be out front with my feelings and lyrics. Once I started to do so, NEVER did I get any flack from my fellow musicians, God bless them! While I was in Velvert's group the bass player "Scottie" Niles (later of the Knack) asked me point blank "If you had a choice between a chick and a guy, and you dug them both, which would you chose?" I remember answering probably I'd choose the guy, because it was so much more difficult to make that connection, a connection that can be very strong and emotional. So does that make me a "gay rocker'?

My father had an expression: "Who LABELS me, LIBELS me" Or perhaps more eloquently put by producer Tom Wilson one afternoon in Laurel Canyon, "Gentlemen this is 1971! If you want to fuck a frog and the FROG enjoys it, that's FINE with ME--I'm here to make MUSIC!" ...... And that's how Gypsy Frog Records came to be .....

Chris Robison played at the June 1973 Gay Pride concert in Washington Square Park NYC along with Bette Midler, and others.

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